Joe & Alex Syiek

 So Many Words

For Alex, who took my middle name and would not give it back,

 a poet in his own right, composer, singer, actor, my son, of whom

  I am so very proud and hopeful that he has a wonderful life.


So many words, and oh, so many ways

to toss them in the mind, or lay them down upon a page,

like wisps or daggers, weights or just a soft caress.

The actor then, into their quiet days

gives breath, color and light, to make them dance upon a stage,

with song or laughter, flings them from their sheltered nest.

Thus freshly hurled, and freed from common stays

may rise on drafts or wings, to heavens where they never age,

or tumbled down, forever there forgotten rest.

Though those of us with pen might dream or pray

or feign we see the truth, do it as solace or in rage,

it matters little, all our words must stand this test.


Joseph Alexander Syiek
December 2012